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Feature: The Survivor's Guide to 2004: Security

Bottom line, you have to find the right combination of products that will give you protection both inside and outside your network, from the host to the desktop to the perimeter. And you need a sound patching strategy that you can implement and maintain effectively. Above all, your security plan must never get in the way of the business. If the plan hinders the company's main function, it'll be an uphill battle getting security measures adopted.

You must comprehend security technology as it applies to your business' specific needs so that you can sell your security strategy internally, in 2004 and well into the future.

The Network's Soft, Chewy Center

Any traffic that traverses the internal network will pass unhindered. This year's worm attacks, such as SQL Slammer and Welchia, show just how vulnerable the internal network is. Even when the perimeter is locked down, all it takes is one infected laptop connected to the internal network to wreak havoc.

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