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Faronics Anti-Virus Gets Hotter With The Addition Of A Firewall

Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multiuser computer environments, has released Anti-Virus version 2.0 to further strengthen Faronics' layered security offering. The latest version includes an enterprise-level firewall that allows IT professionals to create program rules, network rules, advanced rules and trusted zones. Administrators can allow or block two-way communication based on programs, networks, ports or protocols on the entire network. Also included is a daily network activity report that provides details of all firewall activity on the workstation.

"AV 2.0 offers the next level of protection with the addition of a firewall, enhancing your PC's security and giving you extra peace of mind," says Carlos Santamaria, senior product manager for Faronics Anti-Virus. "End users will benefit from the increased ability to tailor rules and set communication parameters while still receiving total workstation protection from ever-changing threats."

Faronics Anti-Virus offers a welcome shift in security solutions. Conventional security suites are often technologies acquired over time and cobbled together to complement anti-virus. Faronics Anti-Virus has been developed from the ground up and combines anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and now a firewall to provide a coordinated, pre-emptive response to advanced malware. What makes it so great? It's lighter and up to 300% faster, and offers the best value of any competing anti-virus solution.

Its most innovative feature allows it to integrate seamlessly with Faronics Deep Freeze, the instant system restore solution, so anti-virus updates can be applied even while computers are protected in a Frozen state. Faronics Anti-Virus also provides advanced e-mail protection, with direct support for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and many other e-mail programs.

With more than 60,000 unique pieces of malware emerging every day, no sole product can guarantee absolute security. Faronics recommends a layered security strategy, combining Faronics Anti-Virus with the instant system restore solution Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Executable, an application whitelisting product. All three products are centrally managed through Faronics Core. A free, fully functional 30-day evaluation of Faronics Anti-Virus v2.0 can be downloaded at Current Faronics Anti-Virus customers can upgrade to the latest version free of charge.