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FalconStor Picked by Publisher

MADRID, Spain -- FalconStor Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:FALC), the market leader in disk-based data protection solutions, today announced that GrupoSantillana Espaaa, a major educational publishing business, has deployed FalconStor Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and FalconStor VirtualTape Library (VTL) solutions to provide an end to end data protection solution, affording total protection against virtually any kind of storage-affecting incident. The integration was undertaken by FalconStor partner SM Data.

Implementation of these core FalconStor solutions provides GrupoSantillana Espaaa's IT systems with the most rapid recovery possible from any data loss scenario. 'Hot' and 'warm' data - live and recent, respectively - is protected by FalconStor's CDP solution for rapid recovery, while 'cold', older data is protected by FalconStor VTL, fulfilling the company's requirement for both disaster recovery (DR) and backup consolidation and acceleration.

The data protected by FalconStor comprises the company's Microsoft Exchange server data and its file server data, on a heterogeneous infrastructure comprising both Microsoft Windows and Sun's Solaris operating systems. Some 7TB of data is the subject of a full, weekly backup, with 500GB of daily incremental backup.

Two additional storage services, Snapshot Agents and TimeMark, are implemented with the storage solutions. Snapshot Agents for Microsoft Exchange enable GrupoSantillana Espaaa to rapidly restart its Exchange servers by ensuring that a replica remains in a consistent state and can be promoted and mounted by the OS and database/messaging application. The TimeMark option in FalconStor CDP journals every change to the data. In the event of a disaster, the replica can be promoted, and delta snapshots can be used to roll back to a known good point in time.

DiskSafe and FileSafe are also deployed. FileSafe and DiskSafe protect direct attached storage (DAS) systems by replicating file-level and block-level data to disk managed by IPStor®software rather than to tape, enabling GrupoSantillana Espaaa to opt to perform tape backup at a centralized data center, separately from production machines, without any workflow interruption.

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