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FalconStor Opens VTL Center

TOULOUSE, France -- FalconStor Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), the market leader in disk-based data protection solutions has opened its first VirtualTape Library Competence Centre in Toulouse, France. The VTL Competence Centre will serve FalconStors partners and customers worldwide, and will provide one of the most advanced environments in the world for the development of storage and data protection skills and best practices.

The Competence Centre will provide a laboratory environment for building enterprise-class VirtualTape Library (VTL) and Single Instance Repository (SIR) solutions, as well as proof of concept (POC) configurations to customer specifications. It will also be used to write specifications for new VTL features, for testing and stressing those features, and will also develop best operating practices and white papers.

ReiJane Huai, FalconStor’s chief executive officer, said: “FalconStor delivers the best VTL solutions in the world and has unrivalled expertise in this whole area of storage and data protection. Our new facility provides us with the perfect environment to drive our development forwards, while enabling our partners and customers to extract every last ounce of value from their investment in our solutions.”

FalconStor Software Inc.