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FalconStor Deploys FC

FREIBURG, Germany -- FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC), the leading developer of proven data protection solutions, today announced that it has deployed central Europes first full 4Gb fibre channel storage solution at Sparkasse-Freiburg, a big Saving bank in south Germany with 1,300 employees. The complete new storage environment, with its massively reduced maintenance costs, was delivered for only a fraction more than the annual maintenance cost of the previous environment, ensuring a return on investment period of well under two years.

The objective of the deployment was to provide high availability of data alongside maximum solution flexibility, with future-proofing a priority. Although subsidiary to these business needs, there was also a requirement to reduce the maintenance costs associated with the existing 1Gb fibre channel SAN and its IBM Enterprise Storage Server.

Both of these objectives were achieved through the deployment of the new storage environment, which comprises a pure 4Gb fibre channel SAN, with two IBM DS4800 storage subsystems in an active-active cluster configuration, and mirroring performed by IPStor. The 8TB storage environment supports ten Microsoft, AIX and Solaris-based clients, running Oracle and Notes and providing file-serving services. Controlware, acting as consulting engineer and supplier for Sparkasse Freiburg already in other projects, designed, installed and integrated this solution. Controlware is a leading systems integrator and FalconStor partner of many years.

Markus Sigmund, leader of IT-Infrastructure at Sparkasse Freiburg, said: “We have been able to achieve several objectives through this deployment: the high availability and maximum flexibility we asked for; the peace of mind that comes with that; and, as a bonus, it is as close to cost-neutral that we could hope to get.”

“Peace of mind usually comes at a price, especially when it involves leading-edge technology,” said Alexander Jung, pre-sales manager, central Europe. “But this deployment proves that 4Gb fibre channel and IPStor can, together, deliver very rapid return on investment, due in no small part to IPStor´s low cost of ownership and ability to meet customer needs now and in any foreseeable future.”

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