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F5 Teams With Oracle To Streamline Access Management

SEATTLE(BUSINESS WIRE) F5 Networks, Inc, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), today announced that the F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) solution can now integrate with Oracle Identity Management. Specifically, Oracle Access Manager, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, can be paired with BIG-IP APM's access control capabilities for web applications. By integrating F5 and Oracle technologies, customers gain a centralized point of enforcement to simplify access control and auditing.

"Enterprises want streamlined integration across their heterogeneous IT assets, and the integration of F5's BIG-IP access solutions with Oracle Access Manager gives customers a holistic enterprise architecture that simplifies authentication and reduces infrastructure costs," said Rohit Gupta, VP of Product Management for Oracle Identity & Access Management. "F5's unique integration architecture with Oracle Access Manager simplifies our customers' infrastructure and support considerations for their web access management needs, while continuing to deliver higher levels of scalability."

The BIG-IP product portfolio offers high-performance access and security solutions that provide context-aware user access to web applications. With BIG-IP products, IT teams can offload authentication services from application and specialized web servers, enabling administrators to apply consistent, policy-based access control across many applications and manage access to those applications from a central location. Pairing Oracle Access Manager with BIG-IP APM gives remote and mobile users optimized, reliable, and secure access to Oracle applications. And the combined Oracle/F5 solution enables administrators to conveniently scale the infrastructure to keep pace with the burgeoning growth of mobile and remote users.

With F5 products and Oracle Access Manager, customers can:
    * Consolidate Infrastructure to Reduce IT Costs - By offloading authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) functions to the BIG-IP solution, customers do not need an added tier of web proxy servers or servers running agent software. Instead, authentication functions can be performed by a single BIG-IP device, resulting in significant savings--efficient integration and consolidation can reduce authentication and web tier costs by up to 10 times.
    * Simplify and Centralize Management to Save Time - With a smaller, less complex infrastructure and AAA control directly on BIG-IP devices, IT administrators can manage network identity and access control from one centralized location, applying repeatable access policies across many applications. Centralized management reduces the amount of manual intervention necessary, and enables IT to modify existing policies as regulations and business requirements change.
    * Easily Scale the Infrastructure to Support a Superior User Experience - Many organizations cannot afford the expense of adding an extra tier of proxy servers to their access environments. With the combined solution, F5 helps customers easily scale their IT environment to support the rapidly increasing number of mobile workers. A single high-end BIG-IP appliance can handle hundreds of logins per second and tens of thousands of concurrent SSL encrypted user sessions, and offers multi-gigabit per second SSL encryption throughput with HTTP(s).

BIG-IP Access Policy Manager is available today. To learn more about the product's integration with Oracle Access Manager, go to