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Eye on the Servers

You can dock the camera and sensor pods onto the base or tether them up to 5 meters away through a standard USB cable. You can also daisy-chain up to six USB hubs for a maximum distance of 30 meters. The base offers additional expandability with four USB ports.

WallBotz 500

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The camera comes with an adjustable, CS-mount lens and offers both widescreen and pan and scan, letting you zoom in on power LEDs and ensure that your server-room staffers are wearing matching socks. Given WallBotz's modest price--despite the price increase with this version--and modular architecture, you may want to populate your entire facility with the devices, but remember to keep your employees' privacy in mind.

An integrated microphone in the camera pod lets you capture monophonic audio input and stream it with video to a PC running WallBotz's Advanced View software. For added clarity, you can attach an external microphone (3.5-mm miniplug).

Sensor pods come in analog and state varieties. Analog sensors monitor conditions for which thresholds must be set--temperature, humidity, air flow, audio and amps. State sensors monitor mutually exclusive states--on/off, open/closed--and can detect fluid, motion and dry contact state. To add monitoring capabilities, you can attach up to four external sensors to a sensor pod.

Setting Up the Pods

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