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ExaGrid Offers De-Duplicating iSCSI Gateway

ExaGrid has built an iSCSI gateway device with de-duplication.

The 1U appliance connects to Dells EqualLogic PS5000 Series iSCSI arrays via an HBA, according to Bill Andrews, the ExaGrid CEO. "[It] lets you back up to iSCSI SAN disk and have that data compressed and de-duped. This is replacing the tape library.”

ExaGrid claims data reduction ratios between 10:1 and 50:1 for its iSCSI Gateway, which it says can reduce backup times between 30 percent and 90 percent.

Despite these claims, the ExaGrid CEO told Byte and Switch that just three early adopters are beta testing the Gateway. Only one of these, Stafford Springs, Conn.-based Johnson Health Network, has been made public.

But at least one analyst thinks ExaGrid is onto something.

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