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Ex-Intransa Trio Aids Startups

One startup's loss is another one's gain. That's the way three executives who left IP SAN startup Intransa Inc. view their future.

Next week, execs who weathered ongoing deck-shuffling at Intransa will unveil their Website and take the next step in a business they officially launched on July 12. That business is named APU Global, and the three executives are Avi Katz, Udi Paret, and Peter Wang.

APU Global will assist startups in various sectors, including high-tech and storage networking, get their businesses launched on a global scale. Paret says its first work will be done in the Asia-Pacific region.

The firm will help startups in two main ways. First, APU Global's partners will use their own contacts to help startups form networks of partners and resellers, both at the regional and local levels. Also, the firm will assist companies looking to offset their U.S.-based operations by outsourcing development work in places like China and India.

APU so far is running on the finances of its partners. Paret says they've been ovewhelmed with response. "I thought I would be taking some time off," Paret says. "But I'm falling off my chair. I can't breathe." The partners are in various stages of engagement with two companies in the Eastern U.S. and four elsewhere.

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