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Europeans Are Upbeat, says Survey

European data center managers and CIOs are increasingly upbeat about the coming year but vendors may have a tough job selling the latest technologies to them, warns the latest research from IDC (see IDC Sees Growing Confidence ).

After a prolonged spell in the doldrums, it appears that the shoots of IT recovery are bursting through, according to the analyst firms annual Systems Survey. Vendors of data center kit will breathe a sigh of relief with the news that IT directors expressed a more positive spending outlook for the next 12 months.

But it’s not quite time to pop the champagne corks. The rosy future is tempered with end-user uncertainty over which investments will produce the greatest benefit.

Some of the current hottest technologies fall into this category with users expressing skepticism about the benefits of blade servers, tablet PCs, and appliance servers. The report also found that, while most technology buyers are well aware of high speed mobile data services, few understand 3G.

Chris Ingle, Group Consultant in IDC’s EMEA Systems Group, believes that 2004 will be a year of growth for computer systems in Europe but warned that vendors will have to work hard if they want to exploit it. He says, “The vendors that will be able to take advantage of this will be those that can convince customers that the many new technology propositions being brought to market have a place in an already complex IT infrastructure.”

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