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Ethernet Technology Is All Grown Up

Your SAN might be getting a speed boost soon. New 10 Gigabit Ethernet-based systems can reach throughput levels that previously were reserved for Fibre Channel architecture, possibly making Ethernet a more attractive option for high-end storage.

Big-name vendors are entering the race with a new wave of "enhanced Ethernet" networking and storage technologies, tapping lower-cost 10-Gbps Ethernet chipsets and hardware. And they're gunning for a SAN near you.

Before they arrive on your network, however, you'll need to figure out if these offerings--which include Ethernet extensions for the data center from Brocade, Cisco, and others, as well as Fibre Channel over Ethernet, or FCoE--provide an adequate ROI. What are the risks? And where does amped-up Ethernet leave iSCSI SANs, which tap TCP/IP and standard Ethernet to haul data at thousands of small and midsize organizations?

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