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Ethernet Alliance Adds Six

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- The Ethernet Alliance today announced the addition of new members that include Corning, JDSU, Molex, Nortel, the Association for Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA), and the Open Fabrics Alliance.

JDSU became a member of the consortium to help shape current and emerging standards within the Ethernet industry, as part of its ongoing commitment to the continued success and evolution of Ethernet technology.

Nortel is joining the Ethernet Alliance in order to collaborate with other Ethernet Alliance members in areas including the IEEE Higher Speed Study Group and the Provider Backbone Bridges projects currently underway.

"We are delighted to have such prestigious vendors continue to join the Ethernet Alliance," said Brad Booth, president of the Ethernet Alliance. "Our members look to the Ethernet Alliance to help support the efforts of the IEEE 802 Ethernet standards bodies in the development of next generation Ethernet technologies."

The Ethernet Alliance