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Enforce Staff Reduction!

3:45 PM - This just came over the transom from one Dottie DeHart -- and it's guaranteed vendor-proof. The subject line got my attention right away: "Story idea: How employee obesity is affecting your company's bottom line." Here's the gist:

    If you have overweight employees, you probably know they're costing you money. Common sense tells you they take more sick days (which leads to lower productivity) and have higher medical bills (which equal higher insurance costs). But you may not realize the severity of the problem.

Hmmm.... I knew my colleagues annoyed me, but at last I know why. They're not pulling their weight! Or they're pulling too much weight. But here, Thomas B. Gilliam PhD invites us to go deeper:

    Be honest with people about the impact of their excess weight.... Tell employees honestly and directly that it's difficult to provide higher wages and better benefits when so much of the company's money is going to support illnesses that could be prevented.... don't discount the power of personal, face-to-face conversations. People will respect you more if you look them in the eye and tell the truth--and if you express concern for their well-being (rather than focusing solely on the money), they may even be touched and appreciative.

Picture it: "Sorry, So-and-So. No raise this year. You know that diet you're always talking about? It's not working. You're too fat! You're so fat you make yourself sick and use your medical insurance. Come back when you look like me."

Then again, if I lose twenty pounds, I'm asking for a raise.

Mary Jander, Site Editor, Byte and Switch