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Energy Efficiency: What You Can Do

While suppliers tout the energy efficiency of their products, buyers wonder, "What can I do to reduce my power bill?" Answer: It's only partly a storage product problem. Start by taking responsibility for the issue, and, contrary to popular wisdom, do sweat the little things.

The price of oil spikes and pulls all energy-related costs in an upward trajectory. The global oil currency (a.k.a. "the dollar") plummets, demand from emerging eastern economies spikes, and geopolitical turmoil in the Middle East creates a potent mix of energy inflation that is stinging corporations.

As a result, electricity costs are becoming a higher percentage of data center spend. But according to the Wikibon community, only 5 percent of CIOs actually pay for the power budget. So why should users care? The obvious answer: Boards of directors are taking notice. According to IDC, average data center energy costs are growing at 20 percent per year and are expected to double by 2012.

Discussions with Wikibon* users show a similar trend as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1:
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