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EMC Sues Another Ex

is at it again, wheeling out the lawyers to go after yet another former employee who left the company to join a startup (see EMC Sues Over Secrets).

In the dock this time will be Doron Kempel, newly appointed CEO of SANgate Systems.

EMC claims that by taking this job, Kempel is breaching the 12-month non-compete clause in his contract. SANgate says it expects EMC to file a lawsuit to that effect at the Suffolk County Court in Boston, this week. Kempel denies the allegation.

"This trick is beginning to wear thin, says Andy Barrengos, technology practice leader at law firm Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. “It’s the David versus Goliath legal tactic designed to disrupt small companies by consuming their attention, time, and money, which are all extremely precious elements at a startup… Meanwhile, Goliath, with all its resources and manpower, pushes on with business.”

EMC, which says it refuses to comment on "pending litigation," would not say how many of these lawsuits it has filed in the last 18 months, but Barrengos believes it must be well into double figures.

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