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EMC Sets Out 2008 Roadmap

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- EMC gave a sneak preview of new products aimed at consumers, SMBs, and Web 2.0 companies at its Innovation Day event here this week and also revealed plans to roll out power-saving software across its disk arrays.

EMC CEO Joe Tucci used the event at Cambridge's Science Museum to explain that the vendor will join the growing number of vendors powering their disks up and down in an attempt to cut users' energy budgets.

"We will provide spin-down capability across all of our arrays," he said, adding that this will be available sometime within the next six months.

A number of vendors, including Copan, Fujitsu, NEC, and Nexsan, already tout a disk-based power-saving technology called MAID (massive array of idle disks), with HDS recently unveiling its own power-saving disk products.

Unlike offerings from the likes of Copan and Nexsan, which keep disks idle until they are needed, EMC appears to be taking a similar approach to HDS, which keeps disks spinning and powers them down when they are not needed.

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