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Email Seen As Biggest Security Hole For Mobile Devices: Survey

Email vulnerabilities represent the greatest source of risk for mobile devices, according to a recent survey by Good Technology.

The company surveyed 600 IT professionals about their concerns with the widespread use of handheld computing. Of those questioned, 79% considered email to be the biggest security threat. Another 26% regarded corporate intranet applications to be the greatest vulnerability.

"The enterprise mobile email and handheld computing markets have grown exponentially over the past five years. But this growth has created a corresponding surge in security vulnerability over the same time period," Rick Osterloh of Good Technology said in a statement.

Firewall vulnerability is the most worrisome security issue, according to 48%. To respond to this, 30% of the respondents said they were not likely to deploy a wireless solution that requires opening firewall ports, making perimeter security a top priority when selecting a mobile email solution. Handheld security was cited by 29% of respondents.

The survey also indicated 59% will not deploy a solution that does not encrypt data on a device. Remote control of password policy is essential to 55% of the respondents, and only 18% are comfortable with simple user name and password authentication. In addition, 57% think that it is essential to be able to wirelessly specify applications that must be present on the device.

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