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eDirect Adopts Reldata

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - RELDATA, the leading supplier of a new generation of consolidated and unified storage solutions, today announced that eDirect Impact, LLC., an information management consulting firm providing Electronic Discovery and Discovery Workflow Management solutions to corporate counsel, law firms and businesses, has implemented a RELDATA Unified Storage System. eDirect Impact chose RELDATA for its ability to reduce hardware, management and service costs, as well as its outstanding levels of support.

With a 400 percent annual increase in the volume of storage required for its electronic discovery process, eDirect Impact demanded the flexibility to instantly bring the vast archives of file storage needed for new projects online and offline with the ability to back up this data quickly and efficiently. Additionally, its powerful search applications needed fast, block-level SAN storage to process ever-increasing volumes of data within tight time frames. The significant role that storage plays in eDirect Impact’s core operations meant that the company needed a reliable, cost-effective storage solution that would remain so over the long term. The company looked at options from several vendors but they either offered only part of the overall solution needed or their price, licensing fees and support costs would have negatively affected its competitiveness. eDirect turned to Minnesota-based Emergent Systems Exchange (ESX).

“eDirect needed a unified storage solution that allowed them to use their existing equipment and cut the cost and complexity of administering their existing and future infrastructure. RELDATA was the ideal choice. It easily and completely addressed all of eDirect’s requirements at a price point that was unbeatable,” according to Henry Cornelius the President of ESX.

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