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Dutch University Virtualizes Apps

University of Applied Sciences, a university with 19,000 students in the
South of The Netherlands, expects to reduce the cost, and improve the speed
of deployment for new e-learning systems and applications with a Cisco
(NASDAQ: CSCO) Application Control Engine (ACE). The University will use
Cisco ACE to make better use of existing server hardware, centralise
management of 230 servers and make application maintenance faster and more

Virtualization functionality in Cisco ACE will be used to enable University
applications -- such as web mail, an e-learning portal and a learning
management system, as well as applications specific to various department
and schools within the University -- to be shared across servers making it
easier to control applications, simplify management and reduce costs.

Avans estimates the Cisco ACE will help save it EUR 1000 per server by
removing the need to buy extra hardware to enable multiple applications to
share multiple server resources. Cisco ACE also means the University can
develop new services faster and carry out application maintenance during the
day without interrupting services to students and staff. Previously,
maintenance operations were done out of hours to avoid disruption.

In addition, Avans also expects the Cisco ACE to help the University reduce
the number of servers it needs over the next few years by 30 percent.

The Cisco ACEs will be deployed in two data centers as part of the Cisco®
Data Center Network Architecture which Avans has adopted to help make its
learning, communication and administration applications available to
students and staff quickly and from any University location or remotely.

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