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Dueling Dual-Cores: 2006 Mobile CPU Forecast

Only a month into 2006 and we've already seen the first dual-core laptop CPU. That's a great sign for the coming year. After all, a pitched battle between Intel and AMD for market share in the booming mobile computing category can only mean powerful processors and affordable prices for consumers.

Mobile CPUs In 2006

•  Introduction

•  Intel Fires First: Core Duo

•  Intel Ups The Ante: Merom

•  AMD Retaliates: Turion 64

•  What And When To Buy

Intel strongly believes that 2006 will mark a return to the dominant role it played throughout much of the 1990s. The reason for the chip giant's confidence? What it thinks is a sizeable technology advantage and a promising new mobile CPU architecture that will debut later this year.

Rest assured that AMD shares no part of this vision. Despite trailing Intel in the mobile processor market, the company has enjoyed astounding success and made significant competitive inroads in the desktop market.

This surge in popularity can be primarily attributed to AMD's early understanding of the all-important notion of performance-per-watt, which emphasizes fast processor speeds, but only at reasonable power usage levels. But can the underdog chipmaker overcome the marketing juggernaut that is the Centrino platform?

The Dual-Core Battle Goes Mobile
As we enter 2006, it's clear that the mobile processor landscape is on the verge of the same massive shift as the desktop market. This year — finally — the dual-core movement is coming to a laptop near you. Intel's already there and AMD isn't far behind.

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