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DreamFactory 6.0 Ends Web App Development Nightmares

DreamFactory is available in developer, professional or enterprise editions. All three take advantage of the same run-time engine. The only difference between professional and enterprise is project management--professional assumes the project repository is local, whereas enterprise offers a Web-based project-management interface, allowing for team development and enterprisewide sharing.

Licensing is controlled by the run-time, which requests authentication from a DreamFactory license file on the server. Every run-time installation has a 30-day unrestricted license, and applications won't run after 60 days without a valid license file.

  • Newly created applications immediately available online
  • Apps customizable via JavaScript and Visual Basic
  • Browser-based development
  • Even nonprogrammers can develop useful apps
  • Product relies on existing standards

  • Bad

  • No support for Linux or Unix clients
  • Deployment can be pricey
  • DREAMFACTORY 6.0, $25 per user per month, $50 per developer per month. DreamFactory Software, (888) 399-3732, (408) 399-7454.

    Project security is not a function of DreamFactory. Permissions to create, edit and delete projects must be designated on the server housing the repository. DreamFactory says the simplest method of securing projects is via access-control lists, such as .htaccess for Apache--but to truly succeed in the enterprise, it will have to do better. WebDAV (Web-Distributed Authoring and Versioning) integration would be a welcome addition.

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