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DQ Global Touts Data Mgt. Platform

FAREHAM, U.K. -- DQ Global, the experts in data quality improvement, announced today the introduction of its highly anticipated DQ360; the new dynamic data management application framework for delivering data you can trust.

Launching globally in January 2009, the DQ 360, unlike present-day stand alone data quality tools, is centred around an easy to use and intuitive interface to which task related snap-in components are introduced. Each snap-in is capable of interoperating with the DQ360 framework and any other snap-ins, allowing users to have complete control of their data flows and tasks throughout all processes.

Developed in the latest Microsoft.NET, WPF and Silverlight technologies for performance, flexibility and future proofing; the DQ 360 provides an unrivalled platform for linking multiple disparate data sources to deliver Single Customer View (SCV) and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities without having to port data to a single database or data warehouse.

The DQ360 is an exciting addition to the data quality marketplace and I believe it’s a paradigm shift in the way our clients will all go about their Enterprise data management tasks,” said Martin Doyle, DQ Global CEO. “Furthermore, our 200+ active Match software customers will be upgraded for free to the new framework. This has been a long time coming but I can assure them it will be well worth the wait.”

DQ Global