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Double-Take Announces TimeData Availability

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. -- Double-Take Software (NASDAQ: DBTK) today announced the launch of TimeDataTM, an any point in time recovery solution that allows customers to recover lost or corrupted data at a granular level for Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server®, and other Microsoft Windows® based applications. TimeData allows customers to quickly and easily recover from common operational issues such as viruses, data corruption, deleted files or other human errors. Coupled with Double-Take®, the industry's leading disaster recovery and high availability offering, TimeData extends customers' recovery capabilities to include operational recovery in addition to disaster recovery.

Operational recovery is a critical component in any business continuity plan. In addition to being able to recover from catastrophic failures, IT administrators are faced with the daily challenge of retrieving data that was lost or corrupted. This is a time consuming process, and often involves restoring large amounts of data from tape backup. With TimeData, this process is fast and efficient, and allows customers to easily recover their data from any point in time without restoring from tape. TimeData is optimized to work with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server, and can flag points in time when these applications are in a known good state without impact on the production system. TimeData also provides e-mail-level recovery for Microsoft Exchange, which allows customers to easily recover individual messages or mailboxes.

"The addition of TimeData to the Double-Take suite of products creates a more comprehensive recovery option for our customers," said Bob Roudebush, director of solutions engineering at Double-Take Software. "While all of Double-Take's solutions are vital to recovery, TimeData enables the retrieval of individual file deletion or data changes that occur frequently during a normal work day."

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