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Dirt Cheap Network Security

You've spent money on hardware and software firewalls, security appliances, anti-virus software, anti-spyware...the list of what you've bought can go on and on. And so can the invoices.

Do you feel safe now?

Most likely not. Network security isn't just something that you can fix by throwing a lot of money around. On the other hands, completely no-cost security may not be exactly an attainable goal, says In-Stat analyst Victoria Fodale. "But," she adds, "you also don't want to pay more than you need to."

To be sure, any organization that doesn't spend money on firewalls and secure servers will probably find itself up a very long and treacherous creek without a paddle in very short order. But all that expensive equipment means nothing unless you make an investment in security intangibles that cost little or nothing at all.

"Our research indicates that the majority of organizations tend to think about security solely in terms of technological solutions and not procedure," says Joe Greene, vice president of IDC Canada. "We think it's a combination of both."

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