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Dinosaurs, Dodo Birds and Floppy Drives

One of the oldest and most common computer storage methods is close to joining Eight-Track Tapes and Phonograph records in their retirement.

The Floppy Disk Drive is a feature quickly vanishing from newer computers. Dell Computers stopped offering it in 2003, and Gateway is following suit on some of their models. Ironically enough, you can request the drive be added to the computer -- for an additional fee.

But with writable CDs and portable storage options like keychain flash devices at great prices and offering more storage -- the poor little floppy doesn't stand a chance. Now just a handfull of users still ask for a floppy drive to be added to their computers.

So bye bye Floppy Disk Drive. But don't worry, you won't be lonely long. According to Bill Gates, soon you'll be joined by all my DVDs (Great. Thanks Bill). After that, technology will find a way to make something else obsolete...or someone (SkyNet anyone?).