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Desktop Virtualization Brokers Emerge

A slew of recent announcements highlight products that give IT managers more control over virtual desktops. But the space is just getting started, and scoping things out is an education in itself.

From the top: Desktop virtualization is reportedly taking off in enterprise sites. (See Wanted: Virtual Desktop Services and Insider Eyes Virtual Desktops.) The approach virtualizes the configuration of laptops and desktops for tighter control, more efficient software licensing, and management of remote workers. But implementations are just getting started, and the need to manage desktop virtualization has presented an opportunity for startups.

Companies differ vastly in how they approach the problem.

Take the latest news from Dunes Technologies and Kidaro. Both startups have products that enable IT pros to better manage virtual desktops. But their pitches differ like night and day.

Dunes, a company founded in 2001, characterizes itself as a "process automation" supplier because it ties "runbook automation" software to virtually any business process. "We can tie into your toaster or your dishwasher!" quips CEO Robert Laurie.

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