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Designer Picks Nexsan

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Nexsan Technologies, the leader in secure and energy-efficient storage solutions, today announced that its Assureon archive system has been selected by Italian fashion powerhouse Conte of Florence as the storage solution of choice to increase their operational efficiency and help them stay at the forefront of the global sportswear fashion industry.

The Italian leader in the production and sale of sportswear, crafted clothing and accessories, Conte of Florence has been a notable presence in the global fashion industry for over half a century. The fashion powerhouse turned to Nexsans Assureon in order to protect their design and corporate information while improving operational efficiency and internal productivity.

Conte of Florence needed a secure storage system for their sportswear sales and inventory data, as well as all photographs from their publications and fashion catalogues. This information needs to be retrieved quickly and efficiently on a regular basis - often files can date back a year or even longer.

Nexsan’s intelligent, secure Assureon archive system was exactly what the historic Florentine fashion house was looking for: an effective solution for long-term retention and management of large quantities of fixed-content information. Another advantage was the system’s “single instance store” capability which eliminates having to save multiple copies of the same file. Instead Assureon’s CAS (Content Addressable Storage) technology de-duplicates documents based on their CAS address and stores only one copy, resulting in less storage needed.

“What attracted Conte of Florence to the Assureon was how simply it can deliver secure protection and immediate access to archival information at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions,” says Gregg Pugmire, executive vice president of business development at Nexsan. “For example when one of their customers has an urgent query, Assureon gives them online access to historical data much faster than with traditional offline storage systems.”

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