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De-Dupe Vendors Come Clean on Marketing Claims

While storage vendors in general are notoriously glib, the area of deduplication offers so much grist for the marketing mill that getting the straight scoop on products can be a challenge.

Two popular de-duplication suppliers -- Data Domain and Quantum -- today clarified key points over which hype has led to confusion.

In a conference call this afternoon, Byte and Switch questioned Data Domain spokespeople about how they can call their DDX series an "array" when the DDX does not yet support deduplication across multiple storage nodes.

Indeed, Data Domain CEO Frank Slootman told us in January that this kind of clustering was not part of the company's products yet, but is on the roadmap for 2008.

Data Domain VP of product management Brian Biles says the company means "array" in the sense of being able to manage up to 16 controllers in one box, not in the sense of de-duplicating across multiple attached backup devices. "We are very clear in our materials. We're not trying to fool anybody," he says.

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