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DataDirect Announces S2A9900

RENO, Nev. -- DataDirect Networks Inc., a leading provider of scalable storage systems for performance and capacity-driven applications, today unveiled its 8th generation Silicon Storage Architecture (S2A) appliance and storage system. The S2A9900 StorageScaler scales performance and capacity to new heights, delivering sustained bandwidth of up to 6GB/s per appliance and enabling storage systems that will scale beyond 250GB/s in total throughput between host computers and the disk drives. This level of performance is eight times that of competitive technology and allows companies to put their data to work at a moment's notice.

The first seventeen S2A9900 StorageScaler systems have been purchased by Argonne National Laboratory for its Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. The systems, attached to an IBM Blue Gene/P computer, will be outfitted with 8,160 terabyte SATA disk drives (over 8 petabytes of storage) and are managed by the S2A9900’s real-time DirectRAID 6 and SATAssure data protection algorithms.

“High performance data management is essential for leadership computing,” said Ray Bair, Director of Argonne Leadership Computing. “Together, Blue Gene/P and the S2A9900 StorageScaler array can carry out a remarkable 445 trillion floating point operations per second (teraflops). We are extremely pleased to provide this level of performance for scientific computing.”

DataDirect Networks Inc.