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DataDirect Announces Milestones

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- DataDirect Networks Inc., a leading provider of scalable storage systems for performance and capacity-driven applications, announced today a number of corporate milestones including record sales of S2A Infiniband and overall S2A products in the third quarter.

Third Quarter 2007 corporate milestones include:

  • Recording the highest quarterly revenue in the companys history.
  • Shipping the 3000th S2A storage appliance since the first unit was sold to NASA in 2000.
  • Reaching a combined installed capacity nearly 100 petabytes.
  • Record S2A appliance shipments. Over 250 S2A9550 storage appliances with a total capacity of nearly 19 Petabytes (19,000 Terabytes) of storage were shipped in the third quarter.
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