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DataCore Offers 'Free to Try' Thin Provisioning

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- DataCore Software today announced that it has made thin provisioning easily available by download to anyone who wants to try it. Thin provisioning is revolutionizing storage management and energy savings in data centers around the world, but most potential users have limited access to the technology because vendors restrict their thin provisioning solutions to work only with their own higher priced storage arrays and disks. DataCore makes thin provisioning an open network-based service that works with nearly all storage brands and devices. DataCores affordable hardware independent, thin provisioning software solutions enable any business to fully participate in the cost saving benefits of virtualizing and consolidating its storage. By offering storage consolidation and thin provisioning as a complete solution, DataCore gives users the two punch combination required to knockout inefficient, storage proliferation and its damaging consequences to their businesses and our world.

To make the benefits of thin provisioning even more accessible to all, DataCore has made a 30-day free trial available for download at

Pioneered by DataCore in 2001, network-based thin provisioning non-disruptively and automatically allocates physical storage capacity to application servers only when it is actually used. This dramatically improves storage utilization and can reduce the total number of disk drives required, and the energy needed to operate and cool them, by half or more. The software installs on any standard Windows platform in minutes.

Gartner: “Thin Provisioning Is Revolutionizing Storage Management”

A recent analyst report by the Gartner Group titled “Thin Provisioning Is Revolutionizing Storage Management” confirms that “Thin provisioning takes virtualization to the next evolutionary step by linking space allocation to write activity. The benefits of this evolutionary enhancement are profound, and include improved staff productivity, higher end-user satisfaction rates, increased storage utilization rates, more-accurate capacity forecasts, smaller storage system environmental footprints and lower costs.”

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