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DataCore Enhances SAN Products

LAS VEGAS -- In the Las Vegas spotlight of VMworld 2008, DataCore will unveil four newsworthy developments in its SANmelody™ and SANsymphony™ storage virtualization product set. To make these “virtual” developments very real for those attending the event, they will be incorporated into a full blown, high-availability, SAN environment on the show floor from September 15 through 18th at The Venetian Hotel Resort and Casino.

VMware Virtual Center Integration – Click for Simple and Comprehensive SAN management

At VMworld, DataCore will introduce a management plug-in for VMware Virtual Center. It gives system administrators the option to allocate and manage capacity from their DataCore virtualized SANs directly to their ESX virtual machines from the same console they use to control other VMware virtualization parameters. It also accesses a powerful and extensive SAN management control center that meets the needs and objectives of even the most demanding virtual and physical storage consumers.

Time Saving Migration – Transport System Images between Physical and Virtual Machines Quickly and Automatically in VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Virtual Environments

Migrating disk images and workloads between different operating systems, hypervisors and storage subsystems has always been a difficult and time consuming task involving lengthy backups and restores followed by complicated format conversions. James E. Price III, Vice President, Product and Channel Marketing, DataCore Software, notes, “Unlike inferior alternatives, DataCore takes advantage of its intrinsic ability to generalize virtual disks to make source images from one Windows environment immediately available to a dissimilar physical or virtual platform.” The migration takes place in background without modifying the original source, avoiding potentially irreversible migrations.

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