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Data Synapse Supports VMware

SAN FRANCISCO -- DataSynapse, Inc., a world leader in dynamic application service management software for the next-generation data center, announced the launch of its FabricServer 2.6 software, which now includes out of the box support for VMware Virtual Center, enabling more rapid adoption of virtualization with less risk and reduced costs.

By automating the deployment and provisioning of enterprise applications in a VMware-based virtual infrastructure, FabricServer helps IT organizations reduce capital and operating costs while delivering order of magnitude improvement in time to market for critical business applications. FabricServer also enables virtual applications to be dynamically assembled at run-time from reusable operating system, middleware and applications templates, which reduces the storage needed for virtual images by up to 80 percent. Using FabricServer, application teams can provision applications onto the physical or virtual data center infrastructure using intuitive tools and consistent, automated processes. This reduces the risk of errors due to fewer manual tasks and greatly simplifies application provisioning and maintenance tasks for over-taxed data center operations staff.

Supporting VMware Virtual Center software in FabricServer 2.6 brings policy-driven service level management to the world of virtual applications. This capability improves server utilization rates higher than using VMware alone and enables more complex, enterprise class applications to be deployed onto virtual infrastructures, substantially improving business value from data center virtualization investments.

“A fundamental challenge for IT management in the move to a virtualized infrastructure is the configuring of applications,” said Donna Scott, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “While server virtualization enables fast provisioning, it does not dynamically configure applications. Today’s businesses are looking for solutions that provision the application, the code, and the configuration information dynamically, while also diminishing the time for such a process to take place.”

DataSynapse Inc.