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Data Leakage Is Top Infosecurity Issue

LONDON -- New research into Infosecurity Business Challenges by Infosecurity Europe has found that the top business challenge facing companies is preventing data leakage, with 69% of respondents rating this as their top issue. The second highest rated issue was how to secure collaborative and mobile working (58%) followed closely by how to get security right for efficient compliance. Other top issues were implementing security that supports more cost efficient IT infrastructure (48%) and finding ID and access management that works (43%).

The top 10 issues were as follows:

  1. How to prevent data leakage from within an organisation 69%
  2. How to secure remote, mobile and collaborative working 58%
  3. Governance risk compliance - get security right to ensure compliance 56%
  4. Implementing security that supports more cost efficient IT infrastructure 48%
  5. ID and access management that works 43%
  6. Building security that is future proof 42%
  7. How to make IT architectures and strategies more secure 39%
  8. How can security help IT more agile and aligned with future business needs and growth 31%
  9. Security in new or emerging markets where infrastructure/networks are hostile 25%
  10. Assuring common security standards with third parties, customers, suppliers and outsourced activities 25%

These issues were discussed in depth in Mike Barwises blog on the online forum run by the Infosecurity Europe team.

Mike Barwise, commented, “The respondents are clearly aware of business risk from major exposures such as data leakage and insecure remote working, but still seem to be seeking magic bullets - practical solutions including future proof security, standards compliance and secure development do not rank highly as priorities. So it seems the business/technical divide is as great as ever, and remains the limiting factor in corporate information security.”

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