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Data Domain, Mimosa, Dive Into E-Discovery

Data Domain and Mimosa are adding flesh to the bones of their compliance strategies this week, ramping up their efforts around e-discovery.

With email key to unearthing the events surrounding the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and other recent scandals, vendors are clearly looking to tap into users desire to tighten their messaging systems.

First up is de-dupe specialist Data Domain, which unveiled its "retention lock" software today.

The software basically locks down individual files for a set retention period, according to Jeff Sosa, Data Domain’s director of product management, ensuring that they cannot be tampered with in the event of a legal dispute.

“It’s to ensure secure retention of data on Data Domain’s systems,” he says, explaining that this lets IT administrators store de-duplicated files in an unalterable state for a specified period of time, regardless of whether it is from a backup or archive application.

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