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CyberGuard Rolls Out All-in-One Security Manager

It's no wonder that centralized management is a hot topic, with security products strewn across most networks and just as many consoles deployed to log formats and record events. Of course, vendors have long offered centralized consoles for managing their gear. Now CyberGuard Corp. has announced iGlobal Command Center, which promises to let security administrators manage its wares and some third-party products.

It's a daunting task for any vendor to manage its own offerings effectively, let alone another vendor's products. Managing third-party devices like routers is especially difficult because of nuances in router-code implementations. Harder still is identifying the version and patch level of each end system correctly and keeping up with feature changes in the target systems.

The company that can accomplish those tasks across a broad spectrum of products will have a unique management offering. Management vendors such as AlterPoint, Dorado Software and Gold Wire Technology have their hands full trying to manage multiple vendor products. In attempting to manage its own products and those of its competitors, CyberGuard may have an uphill battle.

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