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Critical Watch Releases IPS Optimization Module

Critical Watch, a leading provider of vulnerability management and compliance solutions, announced today the release of its new IPS Optimization Module. The solution compares discovered vulnerabilities to intrusion prevention system (IPS) configuration settings and enables users of FusionVM to dynamically configure their IPS based on their unique vulnerability landscape. 

In addition to supporting a fluid workflow for configuring settings, reports show which exposures are already protected by applied IPS signatures, which exposures could be mitigated by available signatures that are not applied, and which IPS signature could mitigate the most found vulnerabilities. Users also can document compensating controls by recording vulnerability exceptions when the IPS is already blocking against a particular exposure. The IPS Optimization Module can be purchased as an add-on to the full FusionVM Enterprise suite or as stand-alone solution with scanning and tailored reporting designed for the IPS operator.

"Customers are looking for more adaptive and contextually aware solutions to better manage risk and compliance," says David Laizerovich, president and CEO of Critical Watch. "We've developed a complete workflow that ties together two key pillars of the security architecture in IPS and vulnerability management to deliver an enhanced security operational capability to meet this need."

Critical Watch is a leading provider of patented security risk management and compliance solutions that enable a comprehensive business process for integrating vulnerability management and security configuration policy compliance across the enterprise. In addition to its FusionVM suite of appliance-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, Critical Watch provides PCI Compliance services as an Approved Scanning Vendor. Critical Watch clients are Global 2000 enterprises across verticals such as healthcare, financial services, state and local government, ecommerce and manufacturing. FusionVM empowers organizations to: Efficiently and effectively manage business-critical risks across the enterprise, Establish better visibility, measurability and control over their risk and compliance process, Coordinate and embed a preventive process across all operational groups, Validate regulatory and policy compliance.

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