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CreekPath Tries New Path

After six months as a headless company, CreekPath Systems Inc. has a new CEO looking to re-energize” the storage resource management startup (see CreekPath Names CEO).

Mark Davis replaces Dennis Grant, who stepped down in January after spending 26 months as CreekPath CEO. Grant raised $54 million from VCs in three rounds, including $22 million in September (see CreekPath Seeks New CEO and CreekPath Reels In $22M).

In his new post, Davis will also look for new funding. But his primary goal is to jumpstart a company that lost momentum last year, even as SRM’s popularity soared (see SRM Takes Software Center Stage and IDC: Software Grows Faster).

“Perception is often reality, and there’s clearly been less buzz around the company,” Davis says. A year ago, he acknowledges, CreekPath was considered a candidate for an IPO or acquisition, but now it is seen as a company struggling to find its identity after layoffs and executive changes. “I think the company hasn’t done a good job connecting with the market. We’re just beginning to get this place re-energized and re-focused.”

Davis will emphasize CreekPath’s business process capabilities, which he says make it stand apart from other SRM packages. While rivals concentrate mainly on configuring and managing devices, CreekPath provides reports to help customers make decisions, such as when to add or reallocate storage. Its latest upgrade, released earlier this month, added to those capabilities, and future releases will go further in that direction, though it may take time to get them out.

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