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Corporate Losses From Internet-Based Attacks Average $2 Million

Companies that suffer business disruptions from Internet-based attacks are losing an average of $2 million in revenue, a research firm said Tuesday.

A survey of 162 companies also found that organizations on average suffered one disruptive incident a year from worms, viruses, spyware or other security-related causes, the Aberdeen Group said. Corporate systems were down an average of 22 hours in each attack.

The battle against malicious code has intensified as companies increase their use of the Internet to generate revenue.

According to the survey released Tuesday, 75 percent of firms are ratcheting up their web-based customer sales and services operations, and 55 percent are increasing their use of the Internet for negotiating and buying goods from suppliers. In addition, 48 percent of the respondents are using the Internet more for distributing products and for filling orders.

"Those operations really cover the waterfront," Aberdeen analyst James Hurley said. "Those are most of the core business functions from supply to customer orders.

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