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Corel's New Graphics Tools

Most small businesses do some kind of work with graphics, whether it is for Web content, brochures, or catalogs. Unfortunately, many of these companies simply don't have the experience needed to produce professional-quality results, partly because they only use the software tools occasionally and don't get enough practice using the nuances of complex graphics applications. Corel knows about these people, and the company's new CorelDRAW X3 graphics suite hits their sweet spot in several ways.

The first attribute many buyers see is CorelDRAW X3's comparatively low retail price point. At $399, it delivers a set of graphics capabilities that compare favorably to Adobe's combination package selling at as much as $1,000. To be sure, Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are more robust applications, but the small business user is unlikely to notice these limitations. In fact, they are likely to accomplish more with the CorelDRAW components because of the aids Corel has included with the package.

Help in the box

CorelDRAW X3 is definitely a software application you will want to purchase as a physical unit rather than as a download because of the printed material that comes in the box. In addition to the printed documentation, there is a catalog of all 10,000 clipart and images you'll find on the CD. It's possible to view these through software of course, but the printed book makes finding the right image a little easier.

The software bundle includes the main applications; CorelDRAW X3, Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3, PowerTRACE X3, CAPTURE X3, Pixmantec RawShooter essentials, and Bitstream Font Navigator which is a great tool for managing and viewing the fonts you already have installed as well as the additional 1,000 fonts that come with the package.

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