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Cleversafe Announces Program

CHICAGO -- Cleversafe, Inc., open source sponsor and lead developer of the world's first Dispersed Storage(TM) software, today announced it has launched the Cleversafe Dispersed Storage Provider (DSP) Foundation Partner Program, bringing together multiple hosting and access providers to build a test global Storage Internet(TM). Although not for commercial use, this test grid is a step toward the availability of commercial Dispersed Storage services.

Members of the Cleversafe DSP Foundation Partner Program will each contribute storage servers and bandwidth to build a test grid of Dispersed Storage providers around the world. In addition, program members will be directly involved in the testing, management and optimization of the test Storage Internet.

"The Internet began and grew when Internet Service Providers began to interconnect TCP/IP connections," said Chris Gladwin, CEO and president of Cleversafe. "This test Storage Internet will emulate that model by interconnecting storage resources from companies responsible for bringing the Internet to the world."

Cleversafe Inc.