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Claria Software

Inadequate Disclosure
The installation screens say that Claria will display ads based on the sites a user visits. But the installation screens do not say that, for as long as the software is running, it will monitor the URL of every site the user visits and report that information back to a Claria database.

Claria's privacy policy disclosure is inadequate. To get the whole story, you have to read the EULA. Click image to enlarge.

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That information is spelled out in a lengthy End-User License Agreement (EULA), which very few users are likely to read. The EULA also gives Claria the right to track — and report back — an inventory of all the software on your PC and the first four digits of your credit card number, so it knows which banks you use. The install screens also don't disclose that the monitoring part of the application continues running even when users shut down the useful part of the application.

The Weatherscope EULA is 2,600 words long and takes up 32 screens. Click image to enlarge.

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