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CipherTrust Warns Corporations Of Brand Damage

Atlanta-based CipherTrust on Monday unveiled a new hosted security service that monitors the Internet for scams playing off a corporation's brand name, and another that spots zombie systems on a company's network.

The new Radar 360 service sniffs out scams, typically phishing attacks, that pose as messages from the company. If it finds suspicious activity or a verified attack-in-progress, the service automatically sends out customized warnings.

Radar Inside, meanwhile, monitors internal IP addresses and domains for the kind of activity usually associated with compromised PCs -- dubbed "zombies" -- that are used to launch spam or denial-of-service attacks.

Both services rely on data provided by CipherTrust's TrustedSource, a collection of some 4,500 threat sensors deployed in businesses and government agencies. Radar 360 and Radar Inside use "reputation scores" from TrustedSource to watch for deviations from expected behavior.

Radar 360 and Radar Inside are available immediately at a price of $10,000 and up for an annual subscription.