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China Report: U.S. Tech Desired, But Still Forbidden

An American IT expert visiting China finds strong interest in technology, but plenty of barriers, too -- mostly from the Chinese government.

Recently returned from a six-city lecture tour in China, IT and search engine expert Steve Arnold was surprised to find that the Chinese business community is eager to learn about the same subjects as their U.S. counterparts -- "Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo."

"People's interest in China is almost identical to the U.S." Arnold said in an interview Wednesday. "Who's gonna win: Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo?"

However, in China the actual performance of leading search engines differs dramatically from the U.S. experience. Arnold said he had to struggle with authorities blocking his email and cell phone reception.

" timed out when I tried to get it," said Arnold of the English-based version of the search engine. "I could get, but it was in Chinese and I can't read Chinese.

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