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Cheaper Than Fibre Channel, Faster Than Tape

"SAS and SATA: Cheapo Disk Is Coming!" was the first headline we thought of for this month's Byte and Switch Insider report, which investigates how vendors are integrating Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drives into their storage arrays.

But that really tells only part of the story. Traditional parallel ATA and SCSI disk are also cheap compared with Fibre Channel, but neither has taken the external storage market by storm.

"SAS and SATA: The Age of Nearline," was our second idea. But again, this is only partially true. SAS will, after all, be as online a medium as parallel SCSI.

How then to characterize the emergence of serial SCSI and ATA interfaces in external storage which, taken together, are rapidly altering the dynamics of the storage networking industry?

Eventually we settled for a tongue twister – "SAS and SATA: Serious About Serial" – and here's why:

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