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CaseCentral Lures Kazeon COO

Kazeon's former COO Tom Thimot has quietly jumped ship to e-discovery specialist CaseCentral, where he has been unveiled as CEO.

"At Kazeon, I saw that [e-discovery] was going to be an explosive market," he says, explaining his decision to leave Kazeon after spending just over a year at the unstructured data specialist.

"Sometimes in business, you find an opportunity that is even better," adds Thimot, who left Kazeon a few weeks ago. "Also, I was COO at Kazeon, and I am CEO at CaseCentral."

The exec takes over the CEO's reins from CaseCentral's founder Chris Kruse, who will remain chairman of the board and run business development for the San Francisco-based firm.

Whereas Kazeon started life pushing a hardware-based approach to e-discovery, CaseCentral is one of a growing number of startups putting their faith purely in software as a service (SaaS).

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