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Caringo Receives Funding

AUSTIN, Texas -- Caringo Inc., a leading provider of content storage software that delivers a clustered storage infrastructure for storing both active and archive content, today announced that Vodafone Ventures has made a private equity investment in Caringo, joining Austin Ventures in funding the company for its future stages of development.

Founded in 2005, Caringo is led by a management team that brings strong leadership, business and technology experience and success to the company. Caringo has clearly demonstrated its value by creating and marketing truly innovative storage software that solves critical real-world problems related to the unbridled growth of file-based or unstructured data. Rather than make its CAStor software complex and expensive, Caringo significantly changes the way corporations store content by making it affordable, scalable, simple and fast to implement. Caringo empowers businesses with powerful software to store both active and archive content on a scalable, high performance storage cluster.

“We pride ourselves in identifying companies that offer innovative technology solutions, are led by a passionate leadership team and can successfully grow their business to viability from initial startup,” said Krishna Srinivasan, Partner, Austin Ventures. “We believe that Caringo is exactly that kind of company and are pleased to be an investor as they continue to disrupt the storage market with their simple-yet-powerful CAStor solution.”