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Caringo Adds CAStor 2.2

AUSTIN, Texas -- Caringo, Inc., a leading provider of content storage software delivering clustered storage for both active and archive content, announced today the release of CAStor 2.2 that improves performance on fast volume recovery and delivers superior performance, scalability and reliability needed to implement a clustered storage infrastructure. CAStor provides affordable, simple clustered storage software with the scalability, reliability and performance organizations require to reduce costs associated with continued storage growth for content or file-based data. CAStor clusters are implemented on low-cost, standard server hardware empowering customers with greater flexibility and choice.

Unlike clustered NAS or global name space solutions that still must deal with underlying file system issues, CAStor delivers an infinitely vast, flat address space that is perfectly suited for the massive volume of digital content and file-based data generated today. By virtualizing storage across a cluster of standard, commodity servers, CAStor presents one single-tier storage pool for digital content that scales seamlessly without the need to provision or configure new capacity. Its self-balancing and self-healing cluster design maximizes data availability and minimizes administrative overhead.

At DriveDev we work with leading companies in the Web 2.0 and hosted services segments that require affordable infrastructure to support their business models,” said Aaron Lee, DriveDev’s VP of Business Development & New Technology. “CAStor clustered storage is an ideal solution not only because it runs on low-cost commodity servers, but also because it delivers the performance and reliability required for online services.”