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BuzzBlog: Best Buy Gone Bad; Crime Fighting Pen

Best buy behaving badly? Usually when you hear the term "restraining order" you think "creepy ex-boyfriend must stay at least 500 feet away from former girlfriend." But restraining orders can also compel people to stay away from software. A federal judge in Texas has ordered Best Buy and Geek Squad to stop using software from Winternals, a maker of popular tools for maintaining Windows systems.

Winternals alleges that Geek Squad, Best Buy's PC support subsidiary, violated copyright law, claiming that Best Buy terminated negotiations for a multimillion dollar licensing agreement with Winternals but let employees continue to use Winternals software for PC repair beyond the trial period. That's a major no-no. Guess it's time for Best Buy to call the Lawyer Squad. --Andrew Conry-Murray, [email protected]

The Crime-Fighting Pen

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