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Bridgeworks Launches Bridge

CHRISTCHURCH, U.K. -- Data storage connectivity pioneer Bridgeworks has announced the launch of the Tamar FSAS4400 Fibre Channel to SAS Bridge just one month after it launched the world's first iSCSI to SAS Bridge: This marks the next step in a major expansion of the Bridgework's product range. These new products share a common platform which has been designed to support the rapid adoption of new protocols together with those that already exist including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SCSI and SAS. The new Multi Protocol Platform Architecture (MPP) also enables the rapid adaptation of products to meet specialised OEM needs.

With its high performance and reliability, SAS is becoming the connectivity format of choice for the enterprise, and the Bridgeworks' FSAS4400 is ideal for those customers, end users and OEMs wishing to use this technology in or to extend a Fibre Channel fabric environment.

What is Tamar FSAS4400?

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